September 2014 Lifter of the Month

Mary Baccellieri

2014 USAPL NJ State Championship "Women's Powerlifting Champion of Champions"

2014 USAPL NJ State Championship "Women's Powerlifting Champion of Champions"

    September's Lifter of the Month is Mary Baccellieri. Mary is the lifter of the month because she scored the highest Wilks score for the women at the 2014 USAPL NJ State Championship in August. She totaled 335 kg or 738.5 lbs. Mary competed in the 67.5 kg weight class in the Raw Junior division.

   Mary hails from Middletown, New Jersey. She attends SUNY Maritime and is studying mechanical engineering. She balances training, attending school and interning with Con Edison in New York. Her whole life has been spent involved in sports ranging from field hockey to track. Mary only began weightlifting a year and a half ago. She initially became interested in bodybuilding until she met her future teammates at her local Retro Fitness. From the start she always strived to move more weight and focused on maintaining the best form she could. She eventually realized the thing that was most enjoyable was moving weight and the power she felt when deadlifting, squating and benching.

mary b DL.png
My advice to any new lifter is to always focus on self improvement and not compare yourself to others. Everyone starts somewhere.
— Mary Baccellieri

   Mary was eventually persuaded to compete in her first meet and began training with Kenn Noland, John Lachawiec, Jason Lachawiec, Dan Hammond and Ryan Ceccarelli. She was asked to join their "Iron Crew" and compete in the New Jersey State Championship meet. As she trained, she tweaked her lifts and switched to a sumo deadlift.

   The 2014 NJ State meet was her very first meet where Mary not only won her weight class and division but also had the highest Wilks score in the meet for women. Mary squated 130kg (286 lbs), benched 52.5 kg (115.75 lbs) and deadlifted 152.5 kg (336 lbs).

   Mary's favorite lift is the deadlift. She says there's nothing like ripping almost four hundred pounds off the floor with your bare hands. She remembers when her best deadlift was 135 lbs and now has a training best of 350 lbs. Mary has continued with her training and love for powerlifting; she has been hitting PR's in preparation for the 2014 USAPL American Open in Washington, DC.

mary b lof2.png

Mary is clearly a rising star in the powerlifting world. It will be fun to watch her compete in the 2014 USAPL American Open Powerlifting Championships in December.



Written by Paul Kelley