Wilson Martinez


                   Wilson squatting 595 at the 2013 USAPL Master Nationals

                   Wilson squatting 595 at the 2013 USAPL Master Nationals

   When Lifter Of The Month Wilson Martinez packed his bags and made the move from Honduras to the United states 28 years ago, he would have never guessed that powerlifting would play such a vital role in his future. "Strength training wasn't the focus of the training I was doing at the time," he shares.

   It wasn't until Martinez joined Pro Fitness gym in 1993 that the possibility, potential and passion came to fruition. "I was very fortunate to get to a gym where great lifters and powerlifter legends used to train. We had Jules Pellegrino, Ray and James Benemerito, Brian Callahan and John Dalessio, to mention some of them. I always watched them and admired their form and the amount of weight they moved."

   He competed in his first meet at the age of 36 and though Martinez committed much of his early years to playing soccer and basketball, he asserts that it is not something that he regrets about not starting earlier. "I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Being heavily involved in soccer and basketball earlier in my life gave me the base and competitiveness to be used in powerlifting.

   Martinez's competitive edge served him well over the years landing him a whopping 295kg squat, 190kg bench and a 285kg deadlift as some of his greatest lifts. Hitting high numbers for all three lifts, the now 50-year-old athlete reveals that the squat reigns as his favorite lift despite having initially grappled with it. "When I first started powerlifting, I struggled getting the right form on the squat. Deadlift and bench came natural to me especially the deadlift. After many years of training and watching the best lifters in the sport, my form got a lot better."

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   He humbly adds that his favorite achievement to date is making the USA Team for three consecutive years beginning in 2013. But having been a novice lifter once himself, he reminds new lifters to "always listen to your body when you train," and to "always live to lift another day."

   The accomplished lifter recently placed first at the 2015 USAPL Master Nationals with a 745kg total in the 120kg weight class. He currently divides his time between his family (who he beams as his greatest support system), his job as a Biomedical Engineer at Atlantic Health Systems and training for the 2015 IPF Masters World Championship in Denver. While many athletes may throw in the towel after making successful strides in their sport, Martinez excites that he's in this for the long run. "[My future goals are to] continue to work hard, but stay healthy to be involved in the sport for many years to come. Representing this great country at worlds is an experience I would like to experience as many times as possible.

You can watch Wilson compete at the 2015 IPF World Championship in Denver on Sept 28 at Goodlift.

Written by Ruby Liu